BBC Radio 6 Music - The First Time With... Marilyn Manson
Posted by Norsefire on Mar 22 2015
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BBC Radio 6 Music recently interviewed Marilyn Manson for their series The First Time With... the interview has Marilyn Manson discussing his life, career, favourite music and more.

The interview is available for 30 days and you can listen here:



Probably the most controversial figure in rock music of his generation, Marilyn Manson sits down with Matt Everitt for a rare interview about the significant musical moments of his life. He talks about his very earliest musical passions (KISS, The Beatles' White Album and Xanadu by Olivia Newton John) how he rebelled against his strict religious education by stealing, selling then re-stealing his schoolmates albums, and how he created the character of Marilyn Manson for a fake article while a teenage music journalist.

He also discusses about his career, from shock punk oddball into the rock superstar who sold 7million copies of his second album in 1996. Never one shy of confronting his reputation, Manson also details his first arrest and looks at his experiences as a hate figure for the US media, and talks frankly about how his music was reported by some as the motivation before The Columbine High School massacre.

And for someone variously dubbed The Antichrist Superstar he was surprisingly friendly, philosophical, thoughtful and actually very funny.

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