Jason Sutter interviewed by Media Essentials
Posted by Norsefire on Apr 16 2012
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Marilyn Manson's current drummer Jason Sutter has been interviewed by Media Essentials. Jason discusses his extensive history and his current role in Marilyn Manson.

It was a bit surreal, as I sitting next to Manson and he’s drumming along and looking at me and referring to all the fills and beats as “my parts”, so I figured that was a pretty good sign. The new record ‘Born Villain’ is amazing and after hearing it I really wanted the gig. He told me he was obligated to hear a few more people the next day but I got the impression he was stoked on my playing and I got a call the next day from him welcoming me to “the greatest band in the world”!!
- Jason Sutter - Media Essentials

Read the full interview now at

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