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Loudwire and Fuse Interview Marilyn Manson
Posted by Norsefire on May 05 2012
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Loudwire recently released the final part to their exclusive interview, in this part Marilyn Manson talks about the West Memphis Three and meeting Damien Echols, having Johnny Depp performing at the Golden Gods Awards and some more details on the creation of Born Villain.

"Well, for the first time in my life, last night, I met Damien Echols [of the West Memphis Three]. I did a painting to help pay for his legal funds. Johnny Depp, him and I became what we called, and it sounds a bit… in retrospect… if you lived in West Hollywood, sounds a bit not-masculine, but the 'West Hollywood Three.' Johnny has always tried to help him [Damien] out and he’s staying with Johnny and we have a strong bond, the three of us. We all got matching tattoos. I’d never met him [Damien] in person until last night and for me it was humbling. Any strife or adversity I’ve gone through can’t compare with what he’s gone through. And I’ve been waiting, essentially 18 years to meet this guy and I met him last night [April 8]."

"We're going to do a video together for 'Hey Cruel World.' That's actually supposed to happen tonight [April 8]. I think that that song; he really identified with. I look forward to that, and I think it's great that you have that strong feeling towards those films, because for me to be a part of helping him get out of that situation makes me feel like I did something really great in my life. I in a different way, was in a f—ing prison of my own device. I had friends that believed in me and got me through it. Of course it’s not the same, but in different ways that’s how we identify with each other."

Manson also told Loudwire about the creation of the song The Gardener and how it became spoken word "I would asks people's opinions and it would gravitate towards something and a song like 'The Gardener' — originally I did that spoken word… I was only doing it because I wanted to record the words, because I had them in my head, so I recorded it, and I went back and I was going to sing it. No one had heard the spoken version of it, and everyone loved the spoken version of it, so I just didn't redo it. I didn't know that that was something that was appealing to people, and I realize now that if I had the common sense to think that I started out by, before I had a band, I did… and I’m not even embarrassed to say… that I was reading poetry on open mic poetry nights."

Read the full interview now at Loudwire:

Fuse have also published an interview they did with Marilyn Manson when they visited him at his unnaturally dark apartment. Manson tells fuse that he has rediscovered himself and that making the new album Born Villain was a growing up phase.

On the subject of videos and films Manson commented on the video for No Reflection "I really like the video for 'No Reflection,'" he says. "I'm really proud of it. It was written as a sarcastic view of my life. With the girls in my life, there’s the one that you pick and she poisons all the rest, then as you try to save the one you pick, she poisons herself, so you have to kill her and then you're left alone. That is a very wide metaphor for everything that’s happened in my life. You make choices and sometimes you pick the wrong one, for the wrong reasons."

Manson also talks about his plans to make a video for the cover of You're So Vain featuring Johnny Depp on guitar and drums "I'm going to film something with Johnny [Depp] for 'You're So Vain.' It's not gonna be simply a music video. It's gonna be more interesting than that."
Fuse mention that Manson has also been working on a new project with horror film director Eli Roth and he's also thrilled to be working with Californication creator Tom Kapino on yet another project.

Read the full interview now at Fuse:

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