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Marilyn Manson Begins The Hell Not Hallelujah Tour! [Contains Spoilers]
Posted by Norsefire on Jan 22 2015
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Marilyn Manson began The Hell Not Hallelujah Tour last night at The Fillmore in Washington, D.C.

Marilyn Manson performed 17 songs opening up with Deep Six from the new album The Pale Emperor. Other songs performed from The Pale Emperor were Slave Only Dreams To Be King, Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge, Cupid Carries A Gun, The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles, Killing Strangers and a partial section of Warship My Wreck which was performed as an outro to Mister Superstar.
The Beautiful People which had been used to end shows on the last few tours was performed mid set and was followed by an acoustic version of Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This). A full set list with video links can be viewed below.

The stage design for this tour features screens on the stage projecting various imagery to accompany different songs and lighting gobo's projecting logo's across the stage. White banners were also used either side of the stage featuring a single black double cross.
Marilyn Manson had several changes to his clothes and microphones throughout the show, ending with him wearing a white coat and performing Coma White with a microphone stand covered in blood-soaked white lilies.

The current band line up features Marilyn Manson - vocals and guitar, Twiggy Ramirez - bass guitar, Tyler Bates - guitar, Paul Wiley - guitar and Gil Sharone - drums.


Deep Six [VIDEO] [VIDEO]
Disposable Teens [VIDEO] [VIDEO]
No Reflection [VIDEO]
Slave Only Dreams To Be King (live debut) [VIDEO] [VIDEO]
Great Big White World [VIDEO]
Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge [VIDEO] [VIDEO]
This Is The New Shit [VIDEO] [VIDEO]
The Dope Show [VIDEO] [VIDEO]
Cupid Carries A Gun [VIDEO]
The Beautiful People [VIDEO] [VIDEO]
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Acoustic) [VIDEO] [VIDEO]
The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles (live debut) [VIDEO]
Killing Strangers (live debut) [VIDEO]
Personal Jesus [VIDEO] [VIDEO]
Mister Superstar / Warship My Wreck outro (Live debut) [VIDEO]

Coma White [VIDEO]

More video clips can be found on our forum HERE.

A good selection of photographs from last night's show can be viewed here:

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