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Marilyn Manson Discusses Finishing Holy Wood Novel
Posted by Norsefire on Oct 10 2017
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Marilyn Manson recently spoke to Consequence of Sound about his newly released album Heaven Upside Down. Part of the interview features questions for the die hard Marilyn Manson fans where Manson is questioned about the status of the still unreleased Holy Wood novel.

Chapter 10 from Holy Wood was once released online for Valentines Day (read here) and has since been a repeated question from fans as to when it could see the light of day. Several times Manson has hinted at a possible return to the book and finding a way to release it in a way that he feels is best suited for it but details of the novel have been kept minimal over the years.

In discussion with Consequence of Sound Manson reveals more details on what Holy Wood contains and features. He also discusses the term "Celebritarian" a word he created and trademarked during Holy Wood and is visually represented with a double cross, something that has been discussed in the past but his responses to Consequence of Sound provide further details.

Excerpts from the interview can be read below, read the full in-depth interview at:

For the diehards, and because we’ve touched on Holy Wood, what’s up with the Holy Wood novel? You announced it almost 20 years ago, and it still hasn’t seen the light of day.

Strange that you mention that. Two days ago, I opened it up for the first time in years because it was a very bitter experience in my life. I actually wrote a Holy Wood film, because New Line wanted to make it my version of The Wall.

One person at the movie company said, “Why don’t you make something like Hard to Hold?” and I said, “Do you mean the Rick Springfield movie?” [Laughs] I wasn’t insulted. I was just amused by it. But then I turned the script into a novel, and I re-read it for the first time two days ago and said, “I need to work on this right away.” And that’s why I’m in this hotel, because I’m going to finish it tonight. There’s only one thing to finish, just the finessing of chapter 13.

Is it the story of the Antichrist Superstar/Mechanical Animals/Holy Wood trilogy?

Originally the script was more guided towards that, because of The Wall aspect that the movie company wanted. So, it was more of a musically related thing that took those three records together. But putting it in a novel and re-reading it, it sounds more relevant now. It’s prominently interested in the president, his daughter, his wife, and this kid that wants to be just like them. The kid is growing up as a proletariat and wants to join this culture of Celebritarians — a word I made up and trademarked — and the daughter wanting to be unlike what she grew up living in.

All of this being based in and around an exaggerated version of Holy Wood, Hollywood, movie facade, backstage lots, and Death Valley, which could be a metaphor for everything. But the rest of the world is not even included in it. It’s inspired by things like Brave New World and 1984 and books of that nature. But strange you asked that because I opened it up two days ago and said, “Fuck, I gotta finish this thing.”

You mentioned “Celebritarian” What is that? I know it’s related to the cross on the cover of your new album, and you’ve used that cross in the past.

It’s inspired by the Cross of Lorraine, which was used by so many different things — the Red Cross, the crusades, fascists. I just thought it represented the idea that there were two previous Christs. There was Jesus and there was JFK, and the whole idea on Holy Wood was that they’re waiting for the third and final savior, and that’s what the president says he’s going to be. President White. And when I read it back now, it sounds so of the moment, more than when I wrote it around 1998 or 1999.

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