Marilyn Manson Featured In Classic Rock Magazine
Posted by Norsefire on Jan 03 2015
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Marilyn Manson is featured in Classic Rock Magazine - Issue 206.

Classic Rock interviewed Marilyn Manson whilst he was in London at the end of last year to promote his forthcoming album The Pale Emperor.

Manson discusses Faust and Mephistopheles and how it ties into his own life, Classic Rock also mention that the song The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles was the original title track and the album's heart.

Manson tells Classic Rock "I knew the story that I wanted to tell, because it was my story, that anyone could understand, like the blues. The story is, you enter this world and you're alone, and at the end of the day - spoiler alert! - you die alone."

He also discusses some lifestyle changes and being really focused on creating The Pale Emperor and enjoying going to the studio, "The new music is my payback to my deal with the devil, or whatever metaphorical box I have created for the past. I came here to kick people's asses. And I needed to remember that."

The feature also contains Marilyn Manson discussing his parents and his recent acting role in Sons of Anarchy.

Classic Rock Magazine Issue 206 is on sale now!

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