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Marilyn Manson Performs For Californication Season Finale
Posted by Norsefire on Aug 04 2012
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Marilyn Manson will appear in the season 6 finale of Californication. Manson already filmed some scenes for the TV series back in June, but earlier this week a fictitious concert was put together at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles for the filming of the season finale.

The fictitious concert was dubbed 'The Two-Headed Monster Tour' featuring Atticus Fetch played by comedian and musician Tim Minchin and Marilyn Manson playing himself.
According to someone who attended the show, the Greek Theatre gave away about 1,000 free tickets for people to attend the filming and make up the crowd at the concert. Banners and even t-shirts were made up featuring the fictitious tour and were given to some people that attended the show. Read their full review with photographs from the filming here.

Here are two photographs of some of the 'Two-Headed Monster Tour' material which have been posted on Twitter.

[click thumbnails to view original size/posts on twitter]

Marilyn Manson performed two songs at the show, The Dope show and Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These). Only Marilyn Manson himself was part of the Californication cast, the rest of the real Manson band (Twiggy, Fred and Jason) were not involved in the filming.

Videos of this performance can be seen here:
Marilyn Manson - The Dope Show
Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams

Photographs taken from the filming are also available on the Greek Theatre's Facebook page -

View more + full size, click here.

Marilyn Manson tells Rolling Stone about his experience with Californication saying "I was really nervous to watch it because Iím playing myself. That would seem easy, but it was strange, Itís hard to read a script of what you would say yourself." Manson also mentioned that he and series creator Tom Kapinos text a lot and Tom was able to incorporate them.

According to Rolling Stone Manson was supposed to appear in the second season of Californication but was unavailable due to conflicting schedules, Manson says "I was really sad. I recorded my record Holy Wood in that season in the Houdini mansion. That American flag on the ceiling Ė itís mine. I hung that. That room that Hank Moody accidentally goes down on that girl, I stayed in for almost a year."

Rolling Stone ask Manson, how does he feel finally getting to be part of the show? "This is a show that Iím really a big fan of, so itís sort of like if you got invited to a gang bang with Santa Claus,".

Read the full RS article on

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