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Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper Begin The Masters of Madness Tour [UPDATED]
Posted by Norsefire on Jun 02 2013
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Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper kicked off their co-headlining Masters of Madness tour in Albuquerque, New Mexico last night.

Photo Credit: Lizzy_cupcake / Basetendencies
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Marilyn Manson brought out some extra theatrics for the show. mOBSCENE was performed with Manson sitting on a giant chair in the middle of the stage, another exciting addition to the show was that Marilyn Manson came out on stage wearing stilts to perform Sweet Dreams.

Photo Credit: Basetendencies (L+R) / miseryhead33
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The giant red double cross that hangs over the stage and the illuminated DRUGS sign that were used for most shows on the last few legs of Manson's tour were also used at this show.

Marilyn Manson also joined Alice Cooper on stage at the end of his show. Cooper recently said that them joining each other on stage was inevitable, according to fans who attended the show, Manson joined Cooper on stage for an encore of Eighteen.

Photo Credit: spam_bam / Orianthi
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Angel With The Scabbed Wings
Disposable Teens [V]
No Reflection [V]
The Dope Show [V] [V]
Rock Is Dead [V]
Great Big White World [V] [V]
Personal Jesus [V]
Sweet Dreams [V]
This Is The New Shit [V]
Irresponsible Hate Anthem [V]
The Beautiful People
[v] - click for video clips

Thank you to @basetendencies and @miseryhead33 who tweeted details and media during the show!
Read and view media as posted by fans who attended the show in our tour forum, click here.

The Masters of Madness Tour continues tomorrow night in Colorado!
For a full list of tour dates visit:

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