Marilyn Manson's Mullet
Posted by Norsefire on Sep 03 2010
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Adam Bhala Lough has spoken with Interview Magazine about Marilyn Manson being a big fan of the tv show Eastbound & Down. Lough provided them with the exclusive photo of Marilyn Manson dressed up as Kenny Powers from the show and offered an eye witness account.

"Whenever I see Manson, he's repeating entire chunks of dialogue and dressed like Kenny," says Lough. "He just walks around dressed like this and fucks with people on the street. If a waiter or valet tells him, 'Have a nice day," he'll respond, 'Don't tell me what to do.' Stuff like that."

Adam Bhala Lough also commented on the film project Splatter Sisters where Manson is set to play a character called Lars, the leader of a death metal band.

[Photograph by Marilyn Manson]
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