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[1] "I could only find eyeliner and lip juices but Lily looked too remarkable, in her new home, to ignore. So i made this."

[2] "again in progress...but i think "Baby's on Fire" says it best."

[3] "almost done at time of photo. I like the blue pit in these eyes."

[4] "i had a help with this guy here. it will be known when i finish and exhibit this very soon."

[5] "I sometimes squeeze things too hard. Also unfinished."

[6] "My favorite recent stain. My friend Nick inspired the title after he saw it. "Wraith"."

[7] "Babies should beware. This photo was not at completion, but the nipples had already started an epidemic"

[8] "This is something I could not resist. Men are never as enjoyable to paint, but say what you will, the man is a showman. K King in progress"

[9] "Besides the traditional aids/leprosy/crazy undead---i have a strange fascination with the decomposition of a sex symbol. Like timelapse film "

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Nine New Paintings Debut At Marilyn Manson's Official MySpace
Posted by S.D. on Feb 25 2010
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