Preview Of Emigrate's New Song 'Hypothetical' Feat. Marilyn Manson
Posted by Norsefire on Oct 22 2014
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Emigrate have put up a preview of their new album Silent So Long which is due out in November. Marilyn Manson is featured on the track Hypothetical and you can listen to a preview on the official Emigrate Facebook page, CLICK HERE

Ultimate Guitar recently interviewed Richard Kruspe where he discussed working with Marilyn Manson for the track Hypothetical.
UG: I believe on the press release it mentioned that Marilyn Manson was a guest on the album as well but it didn't mention which song he was on.

RK: "Hypothetical." That was the first song that I felt his voice and personality really fit. From the first time I heard it, I always pictured him singing that song. So he was listening to the song with my vocals on it and he said, it sounds good to me I don't know why you'd want to change it. He wasn't really convinced that he could do a better job. So he tried something and I felt that it wasn't really right for the song. He was doing his record at the time and was in his studio doing his thing. So I wanted to get him out of his environment. I called up a friend of mine who has a studio in LA and we brought him in there and he worked for eight hours on this track and it came out exactly like I had it in mind. There was a little drama involved with him but that what you get when you ask for him. He ain't Lemmy.
Read the full interview HERE.

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