Tour Review: 'Marilyn Manson Resurrects Evil'
Posted by Norsefire on Jan 29 2013
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Examiner have published an excellent review of Marilyn Manson's show at the Oakdale Theatre in Connecticut on Jan 25.

Part of the review is available below, to read the full review and to view a slideshow of photographs from the show, visit:

"Opening up with new song Hey Cruel World, the glowering singer threw himself into a whirlwind of swirling distortion with dramatic screams and wails, clutching a microphone adorned with brass knuckles. Mansonís newest record, Born Villain, is a deep exploration of psychological trauma and bubbling violence, and his on-stage presence radiated that pathos across the sea of black-wearing, spike-wielding worshippers.

Front row fans could practically feel the spit and spray as Manson cavorted around, howling through fan favorite Disposable Teens before donning a Pope-like outfit for the Love Song. While recent tragic events in Connecticut might have prompted fears of this tour stopís cancellation, the local crowd had no problem screaming out for ďguns, gods and government!Ē

There was also a strong response to new songs No Reflection and Slo-Mo-Tion, the latter of which has become one of this Examinerís favorites. Fans seemed to know every word, and sang along as Manson drew out the very end of Slo-Mo-Tion in his typical exhorting fashion.

But the best reactions of the night came for old favorites like The Dope Show, Rock Is Dead and Sweet Dreams, which were delivered in all their violent glory and punctuated with blasts of confetti over the crowd. The end of Sweet Dreams saw Manson abusing his band on stage as they tore through the guitar solo and outro, playing even as they were forced to their knees and dragged around by their depraved leader.

Like his last few tours, Manson included the softer Coma White, singing the darkly gentle ballad under a shower of falling snow that mimicked the weather outdoors. Despite all the violent imagery and buzzsaw guitar riffs, Manson is often at his best when exploring his softer side, and the five minutes of Coma White were among the most moving of the night.

It was only a brief respite, though, as the show finished with the triple hit combination of Antichrist Superstar, The Beautiful People, and Irresponsible Hate Anthem. The feverish bible-shredding, hate-spewing Manson was right on his game as he ranted and screamed atop a podium, and while a full-fledged mosh pit never quite broke out, that didnít stop the wildest fans from stomping and smashing around the floor until the very last blast of raging music.

The Marilyn Manson of 2013 has become a very different performer from the media-demonized frontman of the Ď90s, but while his music and show have evolved, he remains as captivating as ever. His inner artist has emerged with more thought-provoking lyrics and exchanged raw nihilism for subtle provocativeness, yet without sacrificing his vicious heavy metal edge. And Friday nightís performance proved that when it comes to the older material, the God of F*ck hasnít lost a single sadistic vitriolic step."

Here's some more reviews and photographs that have been posted online from the recent shows, click to view them in full:

Marilyn Manson's return to his Northeast Ohio roots turns out be a happy -- and fun -- homecoming

"Mansonís theatrical performance matches his theatrical persona, and itís pure entertainment.

But is it good music? Well, yeah. His band Ė guitarist (and former bassist) Twiggy Ramirez, bassist Fred Sablan and drummer Jason Sutter Ė are among the best in the genre. Between them, the rhythm section of Sutter and his double-kick pounding and Sablanís thumpingís rafter-rattling bass provide a solid foundation, aided by Ramirezís shredding guitar. Itís loud but not ear-splittingly so, because somehow, despite the decibels, melody comes through."

Marilyn Manson pokes fun at his 2001 sexual misconduct arrest in Metro Detroit during Fillmore show

"DETROIT, MI - From costume changes and strategic prop placement, to Bible ripping and fake self-mutilation with a knife-shaped microphone, the Marilyn Manson show Tuesday night at The Fillmore Detroit seemed to have it all.

One of the most humorous moments came early in Manson's set when he poked fun at himself and his 2001 arrest for sexual misconduct"

Marilyn Manson kicks off 2013 North American tour in Milwaukee

"Jan. 18 Marilyn Manson kicked off his 2013 North American winter tour in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at The Rave and played for a crowd that just about filled the ballroom to capacity. The highly anticipated tour was a much bigger stage show than anything Manson did in 2012 and the light show was as big as they come, complete with confetti guns that rained down copious amounts of atmosphere and ambiance all over the wildly enthusiastic crowd."

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For tour dates and information visit:


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