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Marilyn Manson Begins Hey, Cruel World...Tour in the US
Posted by Norsefire on Apr 28 2012
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Last night [27.04] Marilyn Manson performed their first show on the current US leg of the Hey, Cruel World...Tour at Lupo's At The Strand in Providence, Rhode Island.

@basetendencies [] attended the show and was tweeting details as they happened. Twiggy is wearing a new dress outfit with detachable sleeves, Wes Borland tweeted recently "Just finished a hammered steel chest piece for Twiggy's new stage costume. If you're seeing MM soon, look out for it."
Other details tweeted was that Marilyn Manson briefly played guitar for one song and the podium was used for Antichrist Superstar.

Four new songs from Born Villain were performed with Hey, Cruel World... starting the show. Full set list below:

Hey, Cruel World... [video]
Disposable Teens [video]
The Love Song [video]
No Reflection
mOBSCENE [video]
The Dope Show [video]
Slo-mo-tion [video]
Rock Is Dead
Personal Jesus [video]
Pistol Whipped
Irresponsible Hate Anthem
Sweet Dreams [video]
Antichrist Superstar [video]
The Beautiful People [video]

More videos from the show can be found in our forums tour section in the thread for this date: [01] Apr 27 2012 - Lupo’s At The Strand - Providence, Rhode Island, USA

To see details from shows visit our tour section on the forum which lists each leg of the tour and has a thread for every date where videos, photographs and details are posted.

Also our tour section on the website has an archive page for past dates on this tour, each date is clickable to view set lists, photographs and videos. Hey, Cruel World...Tour Archive

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