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Marilyn Manson Tour

Marilyn Manson Begins European Summer Tour
Posted by Norsefire on May 30 2018
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Marilyn Manson is back in Europe this summer with The Heaven Upside Down Tour. The tour kicked off tonight in Haarlem, Netherlands and travels through Europe featuring headlining shows and major festival performances running to the end of June.
For shows and tickets visit:

Tonights show saw Marilyn Manson perform with a new stage set and a new setlist. The stage now features two large double crosses suspended from the top of the stage and hanging down either side. A new backdrop was also use which featured a flag covered in double crosses, the Antichrist Superstar podium was placed centrally on the stage and used towards the end of the set when Manson performed Antichrist Superstar.

Below is a full setlist from the show taken from photos shared by fans who attended. Cry Little Sister is written on the end of the setlist but was not performed.

Irresponsible Hate Anthem
Angel With The Scabbed Wings
Deep Six
This Is The New Shit
Disposable Teens
Rock Is Dead
The Dope Show
Sweet Dreams
The Fight Song

Antichrist Superstar
The Beautiful People
Cry Little Sister (not performed)

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