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Marilyn Manson Tour

Marilyn Manson Hospitalised After Stage Incident
Posted by Norsefire on Oct 01 2017
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Marilyn Mansonís show in New York was cut short last night after a stage prop fell over onto him. Manson was performing Sweet Dreams with the stage prop behind him featuring two large guns which fall over onto him.

Rolling Stone have reported that a representative for Manson has informed them that he sustained an injury and was taken to hospital.

Tyler Bates has posted on Instagram to say the tour is currently paused and Marilyn Manson will be back in action soon.

We wish Marilyn Manson a speedy recovery, and will post any updates when they are available.

**UPDATE 01/10/2017**

Rolling Stone have announced Marilyn Manson has been forced to cancel several tour dates after he was injured. Manson has been treated in hospital and will recover at home in L.A.

The tour is expected to resume on October 15 unless further updates are made.

"The shows from Boston, October 2 through Houston, October 14 will be rescheduled for a later date. Manson hopes to return to the stage soon, more details on upcoming shows to follow."

Source: Rolling Stone

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