Marilyn Manson is 10 years old this year. To celebrate his first decade of decadence we've compiled this photo album of his finest moments. Happy birthday, you big freak...

Canton, Ohio 1982: Brian Warner was an unpopular, awkward, metal-loving geek during his years at the Heritage Christian School in Canton, Ohio. Teachers thought he was kind cute, though - in a jug-eared, freckled all-American way - until the day he put a Vaseline-smeared dildo in one of their desks. Years later the school told Kerrang! they were "deeply and genuinely concerned about Brian Warner and the path he has chosen."

Florida, 1993: The short-lived first line-up of Marilyn Manson And The Spooky Kids featured bassist Olivia Newton Bundy, Keyboard player Zsa Zsa Speck and guitarist Daisy Berkowitz, plus a drum machine. In his autobiography, The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, Manson described Berkowitz as "an intoxicated, pie-faced twit".

Cleveland, October 1996: Kerrang! visited Manson in his hometown just prior to the release of the album that would make him a genuine rock icon.
"Antichrist Superstar is my autobiography," he explained, "We started to put down the music the first time I stayed up for four days straight on crystal-meth."

Minneapolis, October 1996: The week that Antichrist Superstar debuted on the US Billboard chart at Number Three. Manson became the most feared rock star in America. The subsequent tour was marked by death threats and outrageous rumours about his ultra-sick live show: one group of Christians flyering gig-goers on his tour claimed Manson was slaughtering puppies onstage. Two months before his debut UK shows, Kerrang! caught up with the tour in America's God-fearing Mid-West. Manson wore a rabbit fur coat and chuckled as he revealed he'd hospitalised his keyboard player with a flying mike stand the previous week. Britain quaked in anticipation.

Los Angeles, December 1997: Come on, even the 'God Of F**K has a space in his odorous, black heart for a little pre-Christmas jollity...

Sydney, March 14, 1997: Manson's Dead To The World tour his Australia to predictably OTT advance publicity. Typically untroubled, Manson spent his first night in Oz singing Iron Maiden songs in the corner of a Sydney nightclub till 3:30am. He arrived for his Kerrang! cover photo shoot carrying a doll customised with black eye make-up, a gift from a fan.
"They always give me dolls," he sighed. "I hate dolls."

Washington DC, May 1997: The closing dates of Manson's Antichrist Superstar tour found the singer's energy flagging not a jot. Descending into a pulpit in DC, flanked either side by huge, billowing, fascistic flags, Manson lectured the nation's capital of the ills of American society before tearing a Bible to pieces and spitting into the throng.

Madrid, December 1998: Always keen to provoke a reaction, Manson elected to spend much of the time allotted to photographer Scarlet Page's Kerrang! Christmas issue cover shoot -backstage at a Madrid bullring - with his hands down his pants. Months later, meeting Page's mum, Manson claimed that Page had incited this wickedness for her own filthy ends. Eager to dispel rumours that he is, in fact, some kind of Devil, Manson also revealed that he didn't possess "a black pecker". Nice to know.

San Francisco, March 1999: The Mechanical Animals US tour, also starring Hole and Monster Magnet, was set to be Manson's biggest extravaganza to date, but turned into a nightmare. Just nine shows into the 37-date trek, Manson fractured his ankle at LA's Great Western Forum when attempting to jump between onstage platforms. Earlier that evening, Hole quit the tour, Courtney Love describing the headliner's act as "evil". Manson hit back by apologising to fans "who had to endure that nonsense before us".

Los Angeles, November 2000: Ever the convivial host, Manson invited Kerrang! into his house in Los Angeles when it came time to promote his Hollywood-centric Holy Wood... album. Walking photographer Scarlet Page past his collection of disembodied dolls and prosthetic limbs, he decided it was time to unveil his watercolours to the world. The paintings had their official world premier at an exhibition in LA on September 20, 2002. Red Hot Chilli Peppers bassist Flea was sufficiently impressed to shell out $30,000 for a portrait of murder victim Elizabeth Short.

Los Angeles, April 2003: The Golden Age Of Grotesque may have been Manson's most sophisticated and assured album to date, but the singer remains keen to push society's buttons. Employing 'child servants' for a photo shoot at a time when the world is in a panic over Paedophilia? Now that's edgy.

New York, August 2003: Dita Von Teese organised a special Burlesque performance at Times Square nightclub to celebrate the return of the Ozzfest to New York. Naturally, her devoted boyfriend was by her side. Though not, presumably, when she was writhing about in that giant champagne glass.



Publication: Kerrang! Magazine
Journalists: Paul Brannigan & Manish Agarwal
Date Published: 2003
Country: UK


Scanned, Transcribed & Submitted By: Norsefire