Provider Module is celebrating two years online this Christmas morning! To commemorate the date, we're holding a special quiz for YOU to take part in, and two lucky winners will recieve a free copy of the Genealogies Of Pain book released earlier this year.

To enter, answer the following questions correctly, and send the answers back to us. Entrants do not need to be Provider Module forum members, the competition is open to all Manson fans!
You will find the answers either somewhere in the news and media archives within the Module, or through Manson's various official online locations...

At the close of The High End Of Low tour in 2009, former Manson bass player Rob Holliday joined the band onstage at the December 14th Manchester O2 Academy show. Which song did they perform?

On what date, and in which country was this photograph taken?:-

Interviewed at the Athens HELL, ETC. exhibition, Manson commented that art critics often note that his mediums won't last forever. What was Manson's rebuttal?

When Fred Sablan first encountered Marilyn Manson personally during 1997, which actor was also present in Manson's company?

Each of the following nine thumbnails is a cropped section of a Marilyn Manson music video still from our Videography section. Can you identify which video each of them is from?* [images are in no specific chronological order]

01. 02. 03.

04. 05. 06.

07. 08. 09.

Name at least two of Twiggy's album choices as discussed during the Amoeba Music What's In My Bag segment posted online in 2010 [and not just the first two he mentions!].

Manson was interviewed by Kunsthalle Wien director Gerald Matt in 2010. During the interview, who did Manson discuss drinking wine with at their home?

Marilyn Manson's signing to Cooking Vinyl was revealed through the record company officially on 22.11.2010. What other significance to Manson's work does November 22nd hold?

Which magazine conducted an interview with both Marilyn Manson and Rudy Coby in the same issue in April of 2011?

On which project has Ashley Adair worked with Marilyn Manson in 2011, and in what capacity?

Email your answers with your name or Provider Module screen name to
Competition closes December 31st 2011 Winners announced January 5th 2012

Rules of the Competition:
The quiz will close on December 31st, entries sent after that date will not be valid.
All questions must be correctly answered for a chance to win. *The exception to this rule is question five, if no one is able to identify all the stills, the person with the most correct, and with all other questions answered correctly will be selected.
Two winners will be chosen at random with their entries fitting the above criteria.
Winners will be contacted by email when we announce the winners.
Winners names or Provider Module user names will be published on the site, however any other details such as email address will not be made public.
One entry per person.