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Goon Moon Posts New Blog on MySpace
Posted by Norsefire on Mar 08 2010
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Internets and Updates
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So, we're slow as slow gets...but we're trying when there's little moments of time to make Goon Moon time. Busy times for all. We're trying to stay in your ears and eyes, so we've put ourselves out into the internets world. As we figure out times and music and all the other little details of us, look into the little connections that follow after these few common questions.

Common Questions:

Who runs the Goon Moon Twitter/Myspace/Twitter?
Only the band controls them. There's no one else. Also, these are the only official ones for the band:
(actual profile for messages, etc..ADD IT NOW) (online store, ships worldwide)

How's Chris?
He's great. Masters Of Reality's new album is in stores and is what your ears need. His short tour in Europe was a hit...of course.

How's Jeordie?
He's great. Always busy of course. YES, he's still in Goon Moon. It's his band with Chris Goss. He can actually be in multiple bands, so everyone calm down. Goon Moon is an ongoing band where both Jeordie and Chris can do whatever they want, whenever they want...period.

How's Fred?
He's great. Plans for Birthday Twin shows happening with special guests (including Goon Moon members of course) at each show. Jeordie and Fred DJ often too, so keep your ear all the way to the ground.

How's Jonsey?
He's great. About to do a tour drumming for Frank Black/Black Francis (The Pixies). Look for those tour dates.

How's Ed?
He's great. Studio genius. Check out Lexicon in our Top Friends for the group he plays in.

How's Goon Moon?
We're great. Planning on splitting a big serving of mac n cheese. Yum.


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