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ASYLUM's 2011 - SNOW BALL with Guest DJ Ginger Fish
Posted by Norsefire on Jan 10 2011
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On January 16 Ginger Fish will be DJing at Asylum's 2011 - Snow Ball in Sacramento.

Asylum is a Sunday Goth, EBM, and Industrial music night club that has been around since 1993. DJ Bryan Hawk, the current resident DJ, has been spinning there since 1995 feeling there was an importance to keep a venue open for those who wanted to listen to a genre that may not be easily found on the radio.

Last time Ginger Fish was in Sacramento his performance at Club Circuitry did very well. With around 200 attendees the dance floor was packed, and Ginger not only performed with many Music Video sets, he also used an electronic drum set that made the crowd go wild.

Asylum is an 18 plus venue, however the majority of the club go-ers are 21 and over. $7 if you're 18 - 20 and $5 if you're 21 or over. Asylum is located inside Barcode, 1890 Arden Way, Sacramento.


For further information visit the official Asylum websites:
Asylum on Facebook

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