Tyler Bates - The Official website for Tyler Bates.

Fred Sablan - The Official Fansite, authorized by Fred Sablan.

Goon Moon MySpace - The Official MySpace account for Twiggy's Goon Moon project, with accessible music, blogs, updated picture galleries, and comments from Twiggy himself!

Goon Moon Twitter - The Official Twitter acount for Goon Moon, synchronised with their MySpace profile for faster updates.

Goon Moon Facebook - The Official Facebook account for Goon Moon, with regular updates and pictures from the band.

Perou - Personal friend and photographer to Marilyn Manson, Perou's Official website showcases his talents across several galleries. Created with impressive flash tools, the site features archived content, recent works, a diary, biography and contact sheet.

Gottfried Helnwein - Helnwein's multimedia site displays his various works as author, photograpger, painter and surrealist over three decades. The site is vast, and links to Helnwein's veritable pantheon of related websites, available in various International languages.

David Lynch - As early mentor and inspiration to Marilyn Manson, and collaborator through to the present, Lynch's unique take on Americana is coming to the internet soon...

Boyd Rice - Musician, Photographer, Author, and UNPOP Art co-founder Boyd Rice has interviewed Marilyn Manson and his band on several occasions, and shares Manson's dark vision of American Pop culture. Explore his works and musings here, at Rice's official website.

John 5 - Rob Zombie axe-man, solo artist and former Marilyn Manson guitarist, John 5's extensive list of musical achievements is unparalleled in his field. Explore the man's work here, at 5's official website.

Tim Skold - The official website for solo artist, former Marilyn Manson songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tim Skold.

Joseph Cultice - Music photographer Joseph Cultice has worked extensively with Marilyn Manson from early in the band's career, including the iconic artwork shots for Smells Like Children. Explore his portfolio of photography with many of music's most recognisable artists here.

Samuel Bayer - Bayer's striking work has accompanied some of Marilyn Manson's most applauded songs, including Coma White and Disposable Teens. He has worked with music's biggest names, visit his site to learn more.

Dean Karr - Music photographer, and director Dean Karr was responsible for some of Manson's most recognisable imagery, including the Sweet Dreams music video and promotional photography for Antichrist Superstar. Experience his work, both with Manson and much of the music world at his website.

Floria Sigismondi - The official website of director, artist and photographer Floria Sigismondi, notably director for Marilyn Manson's The Beautiful People and Tourniquet.

Delaney Bishop - Responsible for much of The High End Of Low photography, Delaney Bishop's website showcases his impressive work portfolio.

Bau-Da [P.R. Brown] - P.R. Brown was co-responsible for some of Manson's most striking album art design, including the awe-inspiring Tryptych. Visit his website for extensive works.

Gidget Gein - The official website and online memorial site for artist, painter, musician and former Marilyn Manson songwriter Gidget Gein.

Kurt Dommermuth - Experience the web-design of Kurt Dommermuth through his online portfolio, which includes the amazing EAT ME, DRINK ME incarnation of MarilynManson.com.

Print Mafia - View the portfolio of Print Mafia who designed Marilyn Manson's Rape of the World 2008 tour posters.

Nine Inch Nails & Trent Reznor - The official site for Nine Inch Nails, fronted by Manson's original mentor Trent Reznor.