PROVIDER MODULE is a comprehensive guide and resource regarding the artist, writer, actor and musician, Marilyn Manson.
The site details as much of Manson's life and artistic canon as possible, with new content added on a weekly basis for visitors to enjoy. Our Administration team is comprised of three members, by whom all content is designed, written, archived and hosted. For full site and forum staff listings please visit the ROSTER.

The site features up-to-date Manson news, Discographies, Videographies, Biographies, an extensive Media Archive, chronological Galleries, our bootleg presentation area Theatre, Tour listings, Manson's online postings and Journal archive, and an interactive Forum.
Provider Module was built in only three months, and launched at 6AM on Christmas morning of 2009 - a year marking the twentieth anniversary of Marilyn Manson since the band's creation in 1989.
The intent for the site overall is to offer Marilyn Manson fans - whether long-term or newly initiated - a strong and reliable resource where content is both comprehensive and thorough at the same time. Using a small team we are able to work at a comfortable pace to fill the site, whilst also maintaining quality control, basically building the sort of Manson resource we would like to visit ourselves.
In future the site will be expanding, as it currently uses about ten percent of the full capacity we have designed and envisioned. All good things take time, and the wheels have been set in motion from day one to ensure that Provider Module is synonymous with attention to detail and meticulously collated content. We generally update every three to four months, and whether debuting new features or simply adding to our archives, we will communicate updates through our FORUM and various social networking locations [please see right-hand column].

The website's name reflects the remit to 'Provide' Marilyn Manson fans with as many reliable resources as possible, and is taken from lyrics to The Last Day On Earth [Mechanical Animals, 1998], by site Administrator S.D., which is his favourite song.

"We are damaged Provider Modules
Spill the seeds at our children's feet"
Marilyn Manson, The Last Day On Earth

Provider Module is, as it intends to continue being, a testament to the almost incomparable contribution that Marilyn Manson has made to popular culture over two decades, and hopefully, for generations to come.