My parents quite accurately named me Adam, though those who do not know this quite often know me as "The Empirical Guy", although 'Guy' is often replaced with various unflattering terms. The name comes from the simple fact that I am one of the founding members of my band, coincidentally named Empirical.

Music has been a constant companion of mine since an early age, I found myself making a strong emotional attachment to it, followed by a similar reaction to film, art and other forms of creative expression that gave an understanding in a way words alone failed to. Since then I've been heading down the road of artistic endeavour, which my grandmother informs me is not a 'real job'.

Music is my main creative outlet, primarily in the aforementioned band where I play drums as well as handling programming and sampling duties. Because I'm a talented chap (that's what I prefer to say, someone once called me "the music Nazi"), I also dabble on guitar, bass, and keys, contributing to the general songwriting effort. My desire to have my fingers in as many pies as possible has also lead me to develop an interest in audio engineering. I have recorded and mixed demos for several local bands, as well as my band's debut EP. I completed a Diploma in Audio Engineering last year and intend to open my own recording studio in the future.


I discovered Marilyn Manson when I heard The Dope Show on the radio at the tender age of 12, and something about that trick made me click like not even other music had done previously. However, little 12 year olds aren't allowed to buy albums with naked alien-men on the cover, not even when they're obscured by several different parental advisory stickers.
It was several years later before I rediscovered Manson in 2003, at an entirely suitable period in my life where I began to gobble up Manson-related material mercilessly. Although The Golden Age Of Grotesque had just been released, it was the Triptych albums and the Guns, God & Government DVD that was my main exposure and first purchases. To this day Holy Wood remains my favourite album of all time. I found the material incredibly relevant to me and it heavily shaped the formation of my own band during this time.
I quickly realized the deeper meanings and messages throughout Manson's work, and began to scour and analyze it, digesting the wealth of material that made it so much more interesting and in-depth than anything I had dealt with previously.

In my search for as much Manson material as possible, I turned to the wonderful world of the interwebs. I had often been a user on various wargaming forums, so was pleased to find a (much more raucous) online community of Manson fans during The Heirophant days. After its closure, I flocked here to continue my involvement with the online community, where I was pleased to be made a moderator.

Being in Australia sadly limits the chances to see bands live, although I have seen Marilyn Manson 4 times: once in 2007, and 3 times during 2009. They easily rank as some of the best of the many shows I have seen.


Aside from music, I also have a rather obsessive interest in the tabletop miniatures wargame Warhammer 40,000. Contrary to popular opinion, this does not consist of grown men simulating gun fire noises with little plastic men, although that does make it much more enjoyable. In a sense, the 'grimdark' setting, which is so rich, in depth, and open to exploration, is just another way for me to exercise my creative brain. I also find something entirely relaxing about painting miniatures, which serves a nice counterbalance to how hyped-up and overexcited my music makes me.
Other personal ventures include farting around with just about any other creative form I can get involved with (with varying degrees of success), enjoying the fruits of other's similar labors, a smattering of video games, general socialising and, contrary to many outrageous rumours during my high school years, girls.


Gender. Male
Nationality. Australian



Very heavy, and very metal.