Graphic Design, Web Design and Art are major interests to me; They consumed me into a whole different world with new ways of thinking and looking at the world from a design point of view.

I apply my design skills, web building and developing skills to Provider Module along with my knowlege of Marilyn Manson and resources. You can also find me on the forums which I also administrate.


In 2003 I caught a clip of a music video on the T.V. some guy in a red suit with chrome teeth and then a row of girls chanting a chorus with half their faces painted as if their flesh was missing. I didn't know who or what it was but I knew I needed more of it, the clip was short because they couldn't show the video on the morning T.V. show, but they said after it was Marilyn Manson.
Shortly after that Marilyn Manson made an appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show giving an interview and performing mOBSCENE and then he performed mOBSCENE on Top Of The Pops, this was the first time I had seen him or heard his music. After seeing those performances I went and got the mOBSCENE single which I played nonstop and soon got the album The Golden Age of Grotesque. It wasn't long until I collected up all his major releases and was listening to them all nonstop.
Around the time Lest We Forget was announced I started using Marilyn Manson websites on the internet to find out more information about him, his art, the band and any current news. I first used the forums on Marilyn-Manson.Net which wasn't a bad website back then it had a lot of content and regular news. I soon began checking out other forums on the internet one of them being The Heirophant and it wasn't long until I began using the forums there on a daily basis.
At this time I was a few years into college and was learning new skills for web site design and construction which made me want to create my own Marilyn Manson fan site. Nothing to compete with the websites already out there but something for me to do to practice my skills and have fun with something I was really interested in, it was then that I managed to get the website domain

Over the past few years I have taken up a couple of different roles on a few Marilyn Manson fan sites contributing my design skills and archive materials.
In 2009 a team of three Marilyn Manson fans came together and produced an Idea that S.D. had been gestating for a few years. On December 25 at 6AM Provider Module was launched.
Provider Module is a resource than continues to grow and I am pleased to be part of the team offering my design skills and my Marilyn Manson knowledge and archives.

I still own but my main focus is working on Provider Module. In 2009 I launched a new design for which I put a lot of effort into and created something I am happy to be on the domain, one or two sections are still in need of being developed but for the most part I am happy that if anyone visits the website they will be treated with a well designed Marilyn Manson fan site covering the basic information.

I am also a huge collector of everything Marilyn Manson which started around '04 or '05 when I got a duplicate CD but it was slightly different and apart from having all the major releases I started to hunt down different variations, rare releases, vinyl releases and other memorabilia which I continue to do today. My collection can be viewed at


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A major interest of mine is films and I enjoy watching a variety of films every day and have built up a rather large DVD collection of films to my taste. I've always been interested in films, mostly horror which I grew up watching the most and I like a lot of Science Fiction.
My all-time favourite film is Stanley Kubrick's The Shining I think the cast is great, the score is great, everything about it for me it is a perfect film. The Wicker Man is another great film and I like the fact that it is old, it sounds old in the songs, the quality isn't always great and that is partly why I like it so much besides the actual story.
Star Wars is also another big film interest for me.

I also love a good Television series, I am a huge fan of LOST and I don't know if there will ever be a T.V. show like that which will grip me as much as that did. Another major T.V. show I followed was Star Gate SG.1. I also enjoy collecting T.V. and film memorabilia mostly Star Wars.
I enjoy seeing bands live, either on their own headlining tours or music festivals. I've been to Download Festival in the UK a couple of times and always enjoyed seeing my favourite bands live and being exposed to new bands and developing a liking for their music.

I have an interest in Art and Design, I always love seeing work that inspires me to do my own things. It's been a long time since I actually created any art pieces myself but I would like to get back into doing some painting or mixed media pieces one day soon.

Currently I'm learning to play the guitar, which is a lot of fun!


Gender. Male
Birth Date. 18.03.1986
Nationality. British



My personal Marilyn Manson fan site, designed heavily with Celebritarian themes.

This website features my Marilyn Manson memorabilia that I have collected since '03.

A preview to the home of a new Marilyn Manson fan site or mind fuck to come soon.


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