Hello and welcome to anyone reading.
I am one of Provider Module's three Administrators and designers, overseeing all written and archived content within the site.

I'm an Englishman of relatively simple tastes and pleasures, I don't ask for a lot in life, I try not to let things that don't really matter irritate me, and I don't spend a lot of money. I guess that's sometimes a default option given there isn't always a lot to go round, but still, greed is a swift path to failure.

My favourite past-times include wine, breasts, Science Fiction, cups of tea, and 'Tarting About A Bit'. I currently reside in Brighton, in the south of England, and love it.

I hold a degree in Film Theory, completed at The University Of Sussex during "The Great Siege" of Two-Thousand-And-Nine. I have also studied Media, German Romanticism, Documentary film-making, Photography, and the English Language.
I like to write about things that entertain or inspire me culturally, and hopefully provide worthwhile opinions in that capacity. I have written freelance if and when possible over the last six years, and contribute to the independent website and magazine, Thee Big Black [Please See Links Column].
I also have a terrible, childish, offensive sense of humour. Apologies in advance if it irks you, apply the same to any drunken mishaps I might have caused, I'm generally harmless, just a complete buffoon occasionally.

I once had an illiterate, alcoholic, bigoted alter-ego called Dave. My greatest fear is that I will one day turn into this character. At least the drink will still taste good though.

I don't know what else to say other than that, feel free to ask though.


I first encountered Marilyn Manson properly in 1998, aged twelve. I had previously read band interviews and seen footage from Antichrist Superstar's Dead To The World tour, but it wasn't until hearing the opening bars of Sweet Dreams on a friend's stereo and seeing cover art for the recently released Mechanical Animals that my attention truly peaked.
I soon asked a helpful (yet unreliable) record store employee whether Sweet Dreams was on the most recent album. Advised "yes", I purchased Mechanical Animals - already curious about the ambiguous artwork, like a porno I didn't understand - and eagerly took it home to listen. Though disappointed by the tracklisting misinformation, I experienced a soundscape like nothing I'd heard before.

Since then Marilyn Manson has been the cultural figure (and band) whose art I enjoy and respect above any other, with Mechanical Animals still the most beautiful and revered album in my record collection. More than just a musician, Manson is - for those who know what to look for - a tutor and "Role Villain".

I started to visit online Manson resources in 1999, not long before the tragic massacre at Columbine High School, which even in England caused reactionary staff at my school to prohibit and block all websites relating to Marilyn Manson. Proxies and trickery allowed me to continue using their resources fastidiously to gather information on Manson and the (then) forthcoming album Holy Wood, a hobby which has prevailed to the present.

From '99 onwards I had become interested not only in the blood-and-guts rock n' roll aspect of Marilyn Manson, but also the multifaceted references to philosophy and culture contained within album art, lyrics and music videos. Inspired by various magazine articles and Gavin Baddely's Dissecting Marilyn Manson, I sought to memorise and cross-reference interview quotations and visual indicators to gain a greater understanding of Manson's work.

From this point I started visiting online communities focused on the band, and casually writing essays about Manson's art and music from around 2005, whilst also moving around the country and studying for my degree.

Though many of the existent resources were adequate, fanbase shifts and the closure of numerous valuable Manson fansites during 2009 prompted me to complete my idea for a website I'd nurtured for several years - 'Provider Module'.
Working with a threeway administration team, Provider Module was created within three months straight, and launched on Christmas Day of 2009, at 6AM American time. Although always a work in progress, Provider Module aims to be the most finite, well-researched, and comprehensive Manson guide available.

I don't extensively purchase Manson collectibles, but some prized possessions include vinyl editions of Mechanical Animals, Holy Wood, The Golden Age Of Grotesque, and a series of vinyl singles including personal favourites Disposable Teens and Heart-Shaped Glasses.. I will get around to making photographs of some of these things sometime soon...

I first saw the band play live during the Guns, God And Government tour in London 2001, the most recent show I saw was during The High End Of Low tour with several members of Provider Module, in December 2009.


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My living space at any given time in life will be covered in an array of books, records, films, empty wine bottles, discarded cosmetics and dusty clothes.
My personal time is spent enjoying films, cult television, listening to a variety of music, and endlessly pontificating the finer points of said media with friends and family, sometimes without them really wanting me to.

I have a potentially unhealthy obsession with the British Science Fiction series Doctor Who, which has been a lifelong love since the age of about twelve. I once had a wardrobe painted like a TARDIS (by hand of course), and still own a home-made, twelve-foot scarf like the one Tom Baker's Doctor wears. My favourite Doctor is Jon Pertwee, and I have been lucky enough to meet Colin Baker, who played The Sixth Doctor.


"Luring Disco Dollies To A Life of Vice", Stay Beautiful is a Brighton-based nightclub devoted to glamour.


Gender. Male
Birth Date. 19.02.1986
Nationality. British
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