Aspiring medical physicist. While my life may be entirely devoted to medicine and math, music will always be the essence of chaos pumping heavily through my heart. I'd say my motto is to work hard, love hard, play hard, and rock the fuck out through it all.


Discovered Manson in 1998 shortly before the release of Mechanical Animals. Saw him in an interview and was immediately intrigued at a very young age. Had to find everything I could on this man, while becoming completely immersed into his music. This was difficult to do with extremely backwards religious parents, so a lot of my Manson enjoyment came from hanging around with cool friends at the time. A friend of mine helped me by purchasing my first Manson albums for me whenever I had the money saved up for them. After finding Manson, life finally started clicking. Instead of falling in line with the status quo, Manson professed the idea that I could be my own person and shape the world however I saw fit. He was my gateway into self-expression, and I have never looked back.

My initial exposure to the Manson community came a couple years later, around the release of Holy Wood. The minds of Manson fans always intrigued me in their own "special" way, which kept me coming back day after day. It didn't take long until I finally joined up and began making friends within the community. Have met and shared with some of the coolest fucking people over these years; something which never would have been possible without such an extensive gathering. I couldn't be more thankful for such experiences and various insights in life. Much love goes out to all those great times gone by and those yet to come.


Somewhat of a health nut regarding diet and exercise. Athletic conditioning allows me to do increasingly more stupid shit in life, and for that I wouldn't miss a moment of it. Call it a fountain of youth, and call it the best drug around.

Other interests include wakeboarding, extreme sports, guitar, bass, saxophone, computers, artistic expression, and throwing up a couple big fingers to most everything out there.


Gender. Male
Birth Date. 28.01.1987
Nationality. American


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