Celebritarian.co.uk - For Marilyn Manson & Celebritarian Needs, visit Celebritarian, created by Provider Module co-administrator and web-designer Norsefire.

Marilyn Manson France - The largest and closest thing to an official Marilyn Manson website in France.

The Nachtkabarett - Artist and author Nick Kushner's "Encyclopedia Of Perversions" is an unparalleled study of Marilyn Manson, Art & The Occult, offering in-depth analysis of Manson's work (and others) since 2004. As of 2009, The Nachkabarett is also home to Babalon, the Official Marilyn Manson message board.

Marilyn Manson Images - Although not regularly updated, Marilyn Manson Images features well-researched and respectable resources.

MansonWiki - A publicly editable fansite for all things Marilyn Manson, MansonWiki is open to fans to write about the band over a large collection of articles, and features eye-opening interviews with numerous Manson-related figures.

Base Tendencies - This is a Twiggy Ramirez/Jeordie White fansite with extensive resources.

Fred Sablan - The Official Fansite, authorized by Fred Sablan and owned by MaryWhore.

Manson T.V. - English language Marilyn Manson Fan Pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Marilyn Manson Fan Discord - Marilyn Manson fan run Discord.

Manson Legion - This is a French Language Fansite

MechanicalChristBr - This is a Brazilian Language fansite.

marilynmanson.cz - This is a Czech Language fansite.

marilynmanson.it - This is an Italian Language fansite.

unkillablemonster.ru - This is a Russian fansite.

marilynmansonoficial.blogspot.com - This is a Chile fansite & blogspot.

Marilyn Manson Cult - A Marilyn Manson Fan Cult on Vampire Freaks.

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