European Tour 06.05.2012

Le Zenith
Paris, France




Set List
O Hey, Cruel World... [v]
O Disposable Teens [v]
O The Love Song
O No Reflection [v] [v]
O The Dope Show
O Slo-mo-tion [v]
O Rock Is Dead [v]
O Personal Jesus
O Pistol Whipped [v] [v]
O Tourniquet
O Irresponsible Hate Anthem
O Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
O Antichrist Superstar [v] [v]
O The Beautiful People

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Photo Credit: Gwen, Death dreams
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Photo Credit: Provider Module member Banshee
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O Murderers Are Getting Prettier Everday was written on the set list for the last song of the show, but was not performed.
O Actress Tilda Swinton attended this show.