European Tour 06.07.2012

Gran Teatro Geox
Padova, Italy



Set List
O Hey, Cruel World... [v]
O Disposable Teens
O The Love Song [v]
O No Reflection
O The Dope Show [v]
O Slo-mo-tion
O Rock Is Dead
O Personal Jesus
O Pistol Whipped
O Tourniquet
O Irresponsible Hate Anthem
O Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) [v]
O Antichrist Superstar [v]
O The Beautiful People [v]

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Photo Credit: Provider Module member Fedele


O Murderers Are Getting Prettier Everday was written on the set list for the last song of the show, but was not performed.
O Fans that attended the show reported hearing Murderers Are Getting Prettier Everday, Little Horn and Great Big White World during soundcheck. However non of these songs were performed at this show.