North America 08.11.2012
Heavy T.O. Festival
Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Set List
O Hey, Cruel World... [v]
O Disposable Teens [v]
O The Love Song [v]
O No Reflection
O The Dope Show [v]
O Rock Is Dead
O Personal Jesus [v]
O Pistol Whipped
O Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) [v]
O Antichrist Superstar [v]
O The Beautiful People [v]

Drugs Announcement [v]

[v] - video links

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Photo Credit: Igor Vidyashev / Tom Pandi / Live Nation
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Photo Credit: Tigga

Photo Credit: mymusicdotcom
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O This is the only time Marilyn Manson has performed wearing the black stripes down his face for the whole show. The black stripes were only added for encores at the previous and following shows.