1989 - Marilyn Manson is created and designed as a perfect dichotomous representation of American culture. He starts a band, and together they are christened Marilyn Manson And The Spooky Kids.

1993 - The band enter 10050 Cielo Drive (scene of the infamous Sharon Tate slaying at the hands of The Manson Family) to record debut LP Portrait Of An American Family with Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor. Bass player Gidget Gein is fired due to his escalating heroin addiction and frequent overdoses. He is replaced by Manson's best friend, Twiggy Ramirez.

1994 - Portrait Of An American Family is released officially as the band are signed to a major label; Interscope Records, and the subdivision, Nothing, Reznor's label.

1995 - Drummer Sara Lee Lucas resigns from the band as Ginger Fish is successfully drafted in to replace him. They then release remix and covers EP Smells Like Children under the new lineup.

1996 - Undergoing a transformation the recording and release of Antichrist Superstar takes place. Ineffectual guitarist Daisy Berkowitz is replaced by Zim Zum in the period before the album's release. The band also embark on the infamous Dead To The World tour, filming the VHS concert video of the same name, amid death threats, religious protests and a whirlwind of mainstream press attention.

1997 - Marilyn Manson and Twiggy Ramirez make brief cameos in the David Lynch film Lost Highway, the band also contribute the song Apple Of Sodom to its soundtrack. The VHS for Dead To The World is also released worldwide. Two other soundtracks feature Manson songs in 1997; Spawn and Private Parts. The songs featured are Long Hard Road Out Of Hell and The Suck For Your Solution (respectively)

1998 - Manson contributes his cover of David Bowie's Golden Years to the Dead Man On Campus soundtrack, and releases his autobiography The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell. Despite writing the album as a full member of the band, guitarist Zim Zum is replaced by John 5 prior to the release of the band's third full length LP, Mechanical Animals. Following this, a commencing tour; Rock Is Dead, begins in America.

1999 - Manson performs as "The Stranger", a deviant in the film Jawbreaker, which starred his fiance Rose MacGowan.

During the continued touring for Mechanical Animals, on April 20th, teenagers Dylan Harris and Eric Klebold walk into Columbine High School and proceed to bomb and gun down their fellow classmates in an act of vengeance for social inequality. Though entirely erroneous with the pair's motives or personal tastes, in looking for a scapegoat, the media, religious zealots and even politicians use Manson as a figure of blame for the shooting. Cancelling tour dates and issuing public statements, Manson takes a leave of public appearances during the remainder of the year. It is believed that during this time, alone, Manson wrote the as yet unreleased novel Holy Wood.

2000 - The fourth full-length Marilyn Manson album Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death) is released, reflecting heavily on Manson's own treatment following Columbine, and voicing scathing indictments of media glorification of violence and death. The album also sees the introduction of the word Celebritarian into Manson's work.

2001 - In January, prior to the UK leg of the Guns God And Government tour, Manson's engagement to actress Rose McGowan breaks suddenly. In the next few weeks, Manson is swiftly seen dating Burlesque and fetish model Dita Von Teese.

2002 - The song and video for Manson's cover of Tainted Love (featured on The Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack) are released, notably showing a more "playful" side to Manson. Following this Manson and KMFDM musician Tim Skold collaborate on scoring the soundtrack of Resident Evil. Long-standing friend and partner Twiggy Ramirez leaves the band before recording begins on the fifth Marilyn Manson studio album; The Golden Age Of Grotesque. The role of bassist is filled by Tim Skold.

2003 - Manson records vocals for the song Redeemer, written for him by Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis, and then featured on the soundtrack for the film Queen Of The Damned. Later, cast alongside Macauley Culkin and Seth Green, Manson performs the role of Christina in the film Party Monster, an account of the real-life slaying of drug dealer Angel Melendez by "Club Kid" promoter Michael Alig in 1996.
The years sees culmination of a notably consistent presence by Manson in the form of his online journal updates with the worldwide release of The Golden Age Of Grotesque.

2004 - John 5 leaves Marilyn Manson amicably to pursue personal projects. Unlike former lineup changes, he is not immediately replaced with a studio guitarist, and for the release of Depeche Mode cover Personal Jesus, the band are seen in the video for the first time as a fourpiece. The song was recorded to promote the best of collection released that year; Lest We Forget. The ensuing tour, Against All Gods, commenced surrounded by comments from Manson that he was prematurely "retiring" from making music.

2005 - Manson announces that he is planning to write, direct and star in a film based on the life and work of Lewis Carroll, entitled Phantasmagoria: The Visions Of Lewis Carroll. His official website also starts to incorporate imagery apparently indicative of the film's aesthetic, whilst also declaring the ambiguous arrival of The Celebritarian Corporation, Manson's own self-proclaimed, though undefined art movement. This is coupled with the beginning of a complex online cypher puzzle located on the website, which various fan groups enthusiastically attempted to decode.
In December, Manson was wed to long term partner Dita Von Teese, the ceremony overseen by artist and friend Gottfried Helnwein, and conducted by cult film director and oft cited mentor to Manson, Alejandro Jodorowsky.

2006 - Though not necessarily a "return" to music, Manson records a rendition of This Is Halloween, to be featured on a redux soundtrack release of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. At almost exactly the same time, the Celebritarian Gallery Of Art sees its first exhibition in Hollywood, on Halloween Night.
Amid a flurry of rumours, reports, misinformation and speculation, it is revealed in December that Manson's marriage was at an end, and that Dita Von Teese had filed for divorce citing "irreconcilable differences".

2007 - Though never verbally confirmed, Manson announced a return to music that saw him undertake a more vulnerable "romantic" role for the release of sixth studio album EAT ME, DRINK ME. The album was noted for its overtly gothic aesthetic, and for themes relating to Manson's girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood, and referencing both Lewis Carroll and the work of Vladimir Nabokov (specifically his novel Lolita).

2008 - During the tour for EAT ME, DRINK ME, a dramatic announcement was made via then available resource MansonUSA, that he had reunited both amiably and artistically with best friend Twiggy Ramirez, and that Ramirez was not only to replace Tim Skold as bassist for the remainder of The Rape Of The World tour, but that the pair were also planning to write together again, the details of the decision later confirmed that month in an interview with MansonUSA.

Seemingly out of the blue, a press conference for the Korean festival ETP was held in the summer, at which Manson announced that former Limp Bizkit guitarist would be joining the band to play the concert, and to potentially feature as permanent member. Borland would only play two shows with the band; ETP and a Hot Topic managers meeting a few months later. Both performances were questioned heavily by fans, and Borland soon after left the band.

2009 - The seventh full-length Marilyn Manson album, The High End Of Low is released, with Twiggy now undertaking the role of lead guitarist and chief song writer. A string of uncharacteristically deplorable press appearances is made by Manson following the release, and touring commences for the album. During the second American leg of the tour, violence in the video for Running To The Edge Of The World sparks controversy, though resolutely Manson's performances worldwide become more intimate and visceral than had been noted in several years.

In December, it was revealed that Manson had parted ways with Interscope Records after a fifteen years contract. Seemingly under more scrutiny by "fans" than at any other point in his career, the apparently turbulent relationship between he and actress Evan Rachel Wood was confirmed as resumed.

2010 - News circulates that Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood have gotten engaged.
Marilyn Manson announces through his myspace page that the new album is official in motion along with several new paintings uploaded which would feature in the new art exhibition HELL, etc. in Greece.
Marilyn Manson attends the Revolver Golden Gods awards where he shows his support and makes a speech about the West Memphis Three, a new painting by Manson of Damien Echols is also added to MySpace. On the black carpet for the event Manson describes the new album as Suicide/Death Metal.

The promotional trailer for Phantasmagoria is leaked online and then later added to the newly updated MarilynManson.com which includes more content than previous websites.

Long-time friend and collaborator Rudy Coby held a Magic Vs. Science week at the Magic Castle, Manson made a guest appearance as the evil magician as shown in the promotional material.

A video for the song WOW was uploaded to MySpace and Facebook and described as being a "Torture-production-orientation film that was first used to write the song WoW, circa 2008".

News is announced that Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood will star in a new film titled Splatter Sisters written by Adam Bhala Lough.

A painting of the character John Locke from LOST is added to MySpace which is a gift for Twiggy. Manson then appeared in the audience for the Jimmy Kimmel LOST special Aloha to LOST where his painting of John Locke was also shown. It was also revealed through social networks that Naveen Andrews who plays Sayid in LOST had been making music with Marilyn Manson.

Marilyn Manson has his work exhibited in a joint exhibition with David Lynch, The Genealogies of Pain in Austria. Manson's painting "When I Get Old" was also exhibited in Los Angeles. New photos of paintings inspired by album noises are also added to MySpace.

Marilyn Manson appears on Celebrity Ghost Stories and a new biography created by A&E is also shown featuring new interviews with Marilyn Manson, his friends and collaborators. Evan Rachel Wood is also featured; however at the end the biography announces that Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood have ended their engagement.

Cooking Vinyl signs Marilyn Manson, he will release the new album through C.V. on his own label 'HELL, etc.'

2011 - Marilyn Manson appears on the Austrian talent show Helden Von Morgen, coaching and judging contestants. Whilst in Austria Marilyn Manson also presents the new Genealogies of Pain exhibition book featuring the art of Marilyn Manson and David Lynch. The book is released at the end of January.

D'Hask release a new music video which Marilyn Manson has a small role along with Bai Ling and JoJo.

Ginger Fish, long-serving drummer for Marilyn Manson since 1995, joined up with Rob Zombie for their US tour. Ginger was still remained a member of Marilyn Manson, later in February Ginger Fish announced he had left Marilyn Manson.
In April it was confirmed that Ginger would join Rob Zombie as the new drummer.

Marilyn Manson models at the Asia Girls Explosion fashion event in Tokyo Japan.

The official website is updated with a new design, featuring new photographs, new logo and a video clip of a new song.
Shortly after other content is added including the previously unreleased video of Antichrist Superstar.

Marilyn Manson works with Skylar Grey on her new album, offering his word play for the album title Invinsible and he will also appear on the song Can't Haunt Me. The album is due out in 2012.

A mysterious website surfaces online in August BornVillain.com, the website features just a single image of a face hidden in shadow with only the nose and mouth visible. The image is of Marilyn Manson for an unknown project called Born Villain.
After much speculation the project makes its debut at the LA Silent Theatre, Born Villain is a short film or trailer for Marilyn Manson's upcoming new album. Marilyn Manson teamed up with Shia LaBeouf to work on the trailer, a Campaign Book featuring photographs of Born Villain posters all over LA was also released, and this also included a DVD of the trailer.

In September Marilyn Manson announces that Born Villain is the title of the new album. Manson also attended Nick Kushner's Les Crimes Des L'Amour exhibit where he played the new album to the guests who attended.

Marilyn Manson Exhibits his work in Mexico for the first time in November. The exhibition is titled The Path of Misery and runs until Feb 2012.

Soundwave Festival in Australia announces Marilyn Manson in their line up for Feb/March 2012. Tour date announcements for Japan and Taiwan follow shortly after.

On November 22 Chris Vrenna posts on Facebook that he had decided to leave Marilyn Manson. He is proud of the work he did with Manson and looks forward to the release of Born Villain, but he will be returning to working on film scores and the Tweaker project.

2012 - Drummer Jason Sutter announced in January that he was to be joining Marilyn Manson for the upcoming world tour.

In February and March Marilyn Manson began the Hey, Cruel World...Tour in Australia, Japan and Taiwan. As Born Villain was not yet released the band did not perform any new songs, instead they focused on the 15th anniversary of Antichrist Superstar for the setlist and opened up the shows with the title track Antichrist Superstar.
Marilyn Manson was also featured in Revolver Magazine. Manson was featured on the cover and gave a several page interview accompanied by photography by Dean Karr.

In March the first single from Born Villain was released. No Reflection was made available for digital download on March 13 exclusively to iTunes, it would later be available on other digital download websites such as Amazon. A music video to accompany the single was also released.

Marilyn Manson performed with Rammstein at the Echo Music Awards in Germany at the end of the March. They performed The Beautiful People.

In April Marilyn Manson performed at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards, the band was joined on stage by special guest Johnny Depp who played guitar during Sweet Dreams and The Beautiful People. During this time it was also revealed that Depp had worked on a bonus track for Born Villain, a cover of Carly Simons You're So Vain

Born Villain was released worldwide on April 30 and was available digitally and on CD. After the initial release Born Villain was made available on vinyl.

Marilyn Manson continued the Hey, Cruel World...Tour through North America, and this saw the addition of new songs from Born Villain being added to the setlist.
The tour would take Marilyn Manson over to Europe and then back to North America where the band performed at the Sunset Strip Music Festival. The festival honoured The Doors and Marilyn Manson was joined on stage by Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek.

Marilyn Manson starred in Quentin Dupieux's Wrong Cops, initially just one chapter of the film was released. It would later be developed into a feature film.

In August Marilyn Manson released the second single from Born Villain, Slo-Mo-Tion. The single was available digitally, a music video for the single was also released at the same time. In October a Slo-Mo-Tion Remix EP was released digitally.

In September Marilyn Manson joined up with Rob Zombie and co-headlined a Twins of Evil tour, the tour went through North America and then through Europe. Marilyn Manson did some solo touring in between tour legs at festivals in North and South America, also after the Twins of Evil tour was finished Manson continued touring in Europe.

2013 - In late January and into February, after a short break, Marilyn Manson continues the Hey, Cruel World...Tour through North America.

In February Marilyn Manson guest starred in a new episode of Californication, he would also appear in the season 6 finale episode as well.

In March Marilyn Manson became the face for a new ad campaign for Saint Laurent.
Singer/Songwriter Kevin McCall also revealed that he and Marilyn Manson will be working together on McCall's music videos. Further collaborations were also announced, Marilyn Manson had sung on a new Avril Lavigne song and also rapped on a song with Gucci Mane.

At the end of May, Marilyn Manson began touring again. Starting with some solo dates and then a co-headlining tour with Alice Cooper, The Masters of Madness Tour which will run through the month of June. Following that tour, Marilyn Manson will continue a solo tour for most of July in North America.
This tour also saw the addition of a new live member to Marilyn Manson. Spencer Rollins took the role of live keyboardist after a year of Marilyn Manson touring with a keyboardist in the band.

2014 - In January Marilyn Manson's artwork was exhibited in The Netherlands and Manson confirms he is a working on a new album with Gil Sharon confirming he would be drumming on the album.

In April a new television series SALEM featured a new song from Marilyn Manson Cupid Carries A Gun in the opening credits. Press release confirmed the song was a collaboration between Manson and Tyler Bates and was off the new Marilyn Manson album.

In June Marilyn Manson was set to perform shows in Russia but both shows were cancelled, one due to protests and the other show had a bomb threat just before the band were to go on stage. It was also revealed that Tyler Bates would have played guitar with Twiggy on bass and also Gil Sharone would have drummed instead of previous drummer Jason Sutter.
Marilyn Manson also began to film a new acting role in the television series SONS OF ANARCHY.

In August Marilyn Manson played several music festivals in Europe with a similar show to the previous tour but with the new band line up featuring Tyler Bates and Gil Sharone.

Towards the end of the year promotion for the new album announced as The Pale Emperor had begun with Marilyn Manson performing 3 shows in California at the end of October and releasing a new song Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge. Deep Six the second single was released in December. The film John Wick was also released featuring another new song Killing Strangers.
During a visit to London to promote The Pale Emperor Marilyn Manson joined The Smashing Pumpkins on stage performing Ava Adore and Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge.
Marilyn Manson appeared in several episodes of the final season of Sons Of Anarchy. Manson also appeared in Die Antwoord music video Ugly Boy and he also sang on Emigrate's new song Hypothetical.

2015 - In January the new single Cupid Carries A Gun was released a few weeks before The Pale Emperor was released worldwide on January 20. Marilyn Manson also began the world tour - The Hell Not Hallelujah Tour. The band line up featured Marilyn Manson, Tyler Bates (Guitar), Paul Wiley (Guitar), Gil Sharone (Drums), Twiggy (Bass). Due to other commitments Tyler Bates would later leave the line up.

In February Marilyn Manson joined The Smashing Pumpkins on stage at Soundwave Festival in Australia. It was later announced that month that Marilyn Manson and The Smashing Pumpkins would team up for a co-headlining tour The Endtimes Tour in North America later that year.

In May a music video for The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles was released and in July a music video was released for Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge.

In July Marilyn Manson and The Smashing Pumpkins co-headlined The Endtimes Tour in North America running through July and into August.

Marilyn Manson was cast in the film Let Me Make You A Martyr, filming his scenes whilst during a break in the tour, the trailer was released in August.

In November Marilyn Manson concluded the world tour which finished in Manchester, England. The tour saw Marilyn Manson perform a headlining tour all through Europe and North America and also performing at major festivals in Europe, North America, Australia and Japan.

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